Laser scanning of cavities

Cavities such as detected by drilling can not be further investigated without the help of special means. With a borehole-deployable laser scanner the geometry as well as the volume of cavities can be determined. We use a C-ALS laser scanner (Renishaw plc) with the following specifications:

Volume modell of a laserscan
Model of a cavity merged from several scans, ©GGD mbH 2017
Field set-up
Set-up in the field, ©GGD mbH 2016

Vibration measurements

Vibration (peak particle velocity, ppv) measurements according to DIN 4150-3 are conducted during construction activities (e.g. drilling or pile-driving and vibroseis measurements) to monitor the influence of these activities on buildings. The measurements are performed with special equipment in line with DIN 45669 (Summit M VIPA by DMT and MR-2002 by Syscom). They can collect data over hours, days or weeks when configured as an autonomous system.
We offer monitoring services and the valuation of the measurement results for activities that involve intensive vibrations. This ensures compliance of the guidelines such as given by DIN 4150 to avoid damages of buildings. Disturbance of persons in the buildings is reduced to a minimum, accordingly. Our spectrum of services includes:

Vibration measurement
Vibration measurements in a car showroom, ©GGD mbH 2017
Vibration measurement
Vibration measurement in an office building, ©GGD mbH 2017
Results of vibration measurement
Exemplary result of vibrations generated during pile-driving ©GGD mbH 2017