Natural ressources and mining industry

Geophysical investigations provide credible information indispensible in mining business to evaluate areas with natural deposits. Natural ressources can be analysed in their spatial extent and be characterised at shallow depths (gravel, sand) as well as at greater depths (e.g. hydrocarbons). Geological faults amongst other features which usually confine the prospect and create a risk in terms of profit and/or geotechnical safety can be recognised by geophysical measurements. In the course of prospecting for hydrocarbon deposits, lignite, copper, uranium, mineral ressources and salt seismic methods play a key role. For exploration of sand and gravel deposits usually geoelectrical methods are used.

We offer almost the full spectrum of geophysical surveying methods including field measurements, processing and interpretation. As a result of our long work experience we are able to provide references in a variety of successful projects. In the recent past we conducted extensive geophysical investigations of copper deposits in Poland and Germany, hydrocarbon prospects in Brandenburg and salt deposits in Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia. Our customer base includes well-known companies in industry such as Wintershall, Bayerngas, LEAG (formerly Vattenfall), Rio Tinto, KGHM Polska Miedź, Kali + Salz and Verbundnetz Gas.

Vibroseis on roads
Seismics in Göttingen, ©GGD mbH 2015
seismics in the mountains
Seismic Survey in the Alps, ©GGD mbH 2009